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There’s an autistic student at middle school named Teddy who also plays on Kitty’s adaptive baseball team. He’s new to school and seems cool, but Kitty and her friends don’t know anything about autism (yet). They just want to be able to talk and play with him. 

Do you know what picture boards are? Or how to use sign language to communicate? Fish sticks and PECS? (paw promise-it will all make sense in the end).

Specialty takes aim at teaching young readers about inclusion and celebrating the differences that make us special.


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The First Book in the Series

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"A beautiful story to highlight the experiences of differently-abled children. This is a great book to encourage resilience, mindfulness, hope and courage."
"What a heartwarming story. A perfect tool for teaching young readers about the importance of kindness and the acceptance of differences that make us unique."
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"LUCK" (Kitty Wampus, Book 3), will be available in 2023

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